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These are not only apartments
is a new way of life

K&M Investment Poland Sp. z o. o. has developed and now is building an attractive residential environment, with the first project named Riverside Residences involving a 4-story, 23-unit apartment building facing the Brda River. These apartments will provide a desirable location and pricing levels that will appeal to aspiring middle and high management executives/families who wish to live in central Bydgoszcz.

Turnkey finish

You only have to enter. The selection of materials will reflect the feeling of warmth and calm that are important to dissipate the stresses of modern city living.  

Convenient location

The Riverside Residences project is a development that will occupy a 1400 m2 plot

on Lokietka Street in central Bydgoszcz

on the river Brda. The location provides

easy access to the business

district and downtown.

Unique atmosphere

The owners will be provided with a garden/park environment next to the river Brda, which we recognize has seldom been available to purchasers in the past.  



+48 883 097 038,

+48 500 145 955

+48 52 364 5449



Address Riverside Residences :    :

street Łokietka 26-28               
85-200 Bydgoszcz

Office :

Park Witosa 18/3

85-098 Bydgoszcz